Based in the Royal Liver Building, our Universities Superannuation Scheme Limited (USSL) Head Office in Liverpool is in charge of managing our pension scheme – and delivering an exceptional service to our members and employers.

Meet our people

Meet Andy,
Business Systems & Change Manager

"The team I work with is responsible for ensuring that applications are appropriately supported, ensuring the business have the systems and support they need to deliver a service to employers and members."

"What I love about working at USS is the people. As with any organisation, there are new challenges and changes to take on, and the people at USS work together to ensure that we deliver what is required, especially if sometimes timescales are tight."

"Big scheme. Big opportunities. One area I do feel USS is particularly good at is providing opportunities for staff to share ideas and suggestions for improvement with the wider business."

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Meet Louise,
Head of Financial Planning & Deputy CFO

"I lead the development of USS's strategic thinking, decision making and strategy development supporting the Group CEO and Group CFO to deliver the mission. In this role, I also lead the value for money framework and champion the finance led initiatives which deliver good value for our members."

"I love the fact that I work closely with a variety of colleagues across the whole business and am asked for my views on all sorts of topics. I feel that I can really influence the environment around me. This interaction extends all the way to the top. In the last 12 months, I can think of numerous opportunities I have had to informally talk to board members and learn a lot from these discussions. On a personal note, I am new in role having been promoted recently and have been a little nervous about the step up. The support I have received from the executive has been empowering. Despite their competing priorities, time has been spent on a one-to-one basis, providing mentoring and guidance and helping me to reach my potential."

"Proud to be different. When I think about the impact higher education has on society, I am proud to be part of an organisation that supports the sector. USS is a great scheme and the people that work here really care about our members and their employers – that's what stands out to me."

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Meet Lyndsey,
Pensions Administrator

"Since joining USS a few months ago, I have gained a greater understanding and vast amount of knowledge not only in dealing with USS pensions, but in the industry in general. On the Data Reconciliation team, my role requires me to liaise with both employers and members. It is my responsibility to ensure contributions are in order, so my day includes completing manual calculations, refunding or invoicing employers, helping members to understand the USS Investment Builder and setting up new joiners to the scheme."

"Working independently gives me responsibility and great satisfaction; however, as a team, we strive for excellence and a quick turnaround – successfully meeting targets is important to us. I have built good relationships with employer contacts and being a member-focused pension scheme we are trusted to act."

"USS is keen to innovate and adapt which I enjoy as each day brings new challenges. Our mission statement is "to be the pensions service of choice for the higher education sector for the long term."

"I feel comfortable and proud to work here and appreciate the fact that as an employee, you can express yourself. There are opportunities to take exams, which help employees to develop and grow with the company."

"USS has opened new opportunities for me and it is an organisation I hope to be successful with."

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Meet Graeme,
Assistant Head of Operations

"I am the Assistant Head of Operations, working closely with the Head of Operations in a shared objective of meeting the department's Key Performance Indicators. In addition, I am responsible for ensuring strong strategic relationships with appropriate third party suppliers and for the effective operation of our front-line member support function."

"It's a fast paced, challenging, yet rewarding position. I place a big emphasis on having good people around me and together we have made significant strides, especially since USS changed its pension administration system to facilitate the hybrid scheme model. My position, and the department's objectives, is intrinsically linked to USS's mission."

"Our service proposition is focused on:

  • Quality – from ensuring members get a comprehensive response to their general enquiry through to retirement benefits being settled on time and tailored to members' requirements;
  • Efficiency – aiming to outperform our SLAs and conclude interaction with our members in advance of expectation;
  • Compassion – taking members' needs seriously and going that extra mile to ensure their experience of USS's service is overwhelmingly positive;
  • Collaboration – ensuring we work with partners, stakeholders and in-house teams to deliver the best possible member outcomes."

"By delivering on these fronts, we position ourselves to be the pensions service of choice for the higher education sector for the long term."

"I love the culture here, especially the one we've developed in Pensions Operations. Everyone is focused on doing the best job they possibly can, and are committed to the objective of serving our members. This has been paramount in helping us achieve our target for addressing all the back-office work involved with moving from one administration system to another in April 2016 and, more recently, helping us attain the targeted reduction in the turnaround time of case work, which is our primary objective this year."

"Trusted to act. We have the faith of our employers and members to conduct our service provision responsibly and in line with their expectation. They have supported us through the 2016 scheme changes and thanks to the relationships built with them by Service Delivery and other USS colleagues, they know that USS will demonstrate the professionalism, integrity and attitude required to maintain our service standards."

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Meet Lydia,
Junior HR Business Partner

"My role is to provide a professional HR business partnership to both managers and employees alike across the Liverpool office. I believe my role contributes to USS's mission by working in collaboration and ensuring the provision of high quality and effective HR advice. It is also a key focus of mine to support the delivery of our people initiatives across Liverpool which, in turn, enables the company to continue aiming for excellence."

"One thing I love about working at USS is our unique culture; it is created by the excellent people that work together towards the same goals and is a culture that is comprised of both integrity and collaboration. My favourite thing about my role at USS is that I get to interact with people across the whole organisation. I get to learn new and interesting things about my colleagues on a daily basis and I never have the same day twice. I love the variety and the challenge each week brings and there is always something new around the corner."

"USS has brilliant development opportunities and empowers you to expand your knowledge and achieve your personal and professional goals."

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Meet Chris,
Product, Development & Delivery Officer

"My particular focus is on scheme design and product development. Our team aims to improve member outcomes by introducing a range of products and services tailored for the sector (for example, introducing new ways for members to take their funds from the USS Investment Builder). I am also involved in designing and implementing decision support tools – such as modellers – to help members get the most out of the benefits provided by USS, and also to help members with the more challenging aspects of their benefits, like pensions tax."

"I love that we can genuinely be member focused here. We're not here to sell anything to members and we're not trying to meet chargeable hours targets. We're working to give members the best experience possible, and that same vision applies across all teams in the business."

"Proud to be different. Working at USS is completely different than other companies I have worked for. There's no rat race, and the people here are passionate about the service we offer to members. As an employee, you feel like your work is appreciated, and you are trusted by the management to do your job."

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Meet Piers,
Group Transformation Executive

"The Group Transformation Executive provides leadership and coordination of programmes that deliver key pensions product and service functionality. In delivering key products and services we aim to pre-empt and satisfy member's and employer's needs such that they have the information, capabilities and tools they require, thereby supporting USS's mission in being the pensions service of choice for the higher education sector for the long term."

"What I love about working at USS is the people. Relatively speaking, USS is a small organisation, and consists of a close-knit team that cares deeply for the needs of members and employers; in a working in environment that is intellectually stimulating, challenging and fun."

"Where experts come together. The depth of expertise at USS is really very impressive across all aspects of the organisation. This creates significant opportunities to learn and develop – and not a single day goes by without that happening."

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